How to Passively Invest in Self-Storage with Spartan Storage Fund 1

With inflation the highest it's been in over 40 years, rising costs and fears of a recession have many Americans concerned about their finances.


Fearing the unknown, you may be reluctant to make significant investments during these turbulent times. However, it's during these periods of uncertainty that investors seek out alternative investment categories to position their money.


One alternative investors are turning to is self-storage real estate—a hard asset class with a lower risk profile and greater stabilized returns.


Ready to jump into the world of self-storage, but not sure where to get started? We’ve made the process easy with Spartan Storage Fund 1—our value-add self-storage fund allowing accredited investors to benefit from various well-vetted self-storage investment opportunities with a single investment.


In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps of investing passively with Spartan Storage Fund 1


Step 1: Join Our Community of Investors

 Becoming an investor with Spartan Investment Group is as simple as creating an account in our Investor Portal. After creating your account, the SIG team will verify you are an accredited investor and give you access to our portfolio of thoroughly scrutinized investment opportunities.


Step 2: Browse Our Offerings

 Now that your account is set up and we’ve verified you are an accredited investor, you are free to browse SIG’s investment opportunities. To view our offerings, log in to your account and click on Open Investment, then Spartan Storge Fund 1.


Here you will be able to view the updated offering memorandum, which includes an overview of the fund and our plans to deploy your investment as well as feasibility studies and underwriting files for the fund’s assets.


Step 3: Make Your Investment 

Spartan Storage Fund 1 offers two tiers of investments:


  • Class A requires an investment of $50,000 at minimum. Class A limited partners can expect to receive a preferred return of 7%.


  • Class B requires a minimum of $1 million, with each tier allowing $1,000 increments above the minimum. Class B limited partners receive a preferred return of 8%.


Once you’ve selected the right tier for yourself, follow the funding instructions found on the investor dashboard inside of the deal room to make your investment.


Step 4: Reap the Benefits of Your Investment 

Our goal with Spartan Storage Fund 1 is to deploy your investment as soon as possible. Funds are allocated on a first-come, first-in basis from when they’re received–meaning you start accruing the preferred return right away.


Are you ready to start investing with Spartan Investment Group?

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